Our Team

Our people give OP3 the strength, flexibility, and expertise to approach each event with customized and innovative strategies so nothing is ever “business as usual.”

Colleen Healy Fitzgerald

Managing Partner & CFO
Colleen joined OP3 in 2005 and quickly became a critical part of our production department and our leadership team. Her accounting background and obsession with all things budget- and finance-related is a point of pride that inspires the whole team to reach new heights in negotiation, cost control, and vendor management. Colleen has successfully produced and overseen fundraising walks and rides, introduced events to new markets, coordinated grassroots outreach efforts, established comprehensive risk mitigation strategies, and created signature events with new clients. ​An avid runner, Colleen recently completed her first triathlon, but admittedly spends more time chasing her boys Henry, Graham, and Jack than training these days.

Erica Helphand

Managing Partner & COO
Erica has more than 350 events under her belt and has been with OP3 since 2002 when it all began. Her experience running safe, memorable events that provide great guest experience started back in 1998. She got hooked on events after donating to cyclist friends–then joining them as a volunteer lead–on the Boston to New York AIDS Ride. Erica oversees management of all client events, and her strong focus on safety, as well as the highest level of customer service, keep participants coming back (just ask some of her original Crew). Despite claims she isn’t sporty, Erica has managed to complete 7 half marathons (turns out slow mileage is better than no mileage) and recently retired from playing roller derby.​

Christine Mastal

Vice President, Operations & Production
Christine joined OP3 in 2004 and has worked on every aspect of large-scale peer-to-peer fundraising events across the country. From recruiting walkers and volunteers to handling permitting to managing the staff of our biggest client series, Christine has been thrown into many challenging event situations—she’s always up to the task. While most of our team specializes in either fundraising or production, Christine has managed to straddle these worlds seamlessly. She brings a unique and holistic perspective to developing and implementing comprehensive peer-to-peer fundraising strategies as well as to a myriad of event planning and production processes. An enthusiastic traveler, Christine also loves to spend time close to home and on Cape Cod with her daughters Julie and Maddy.

Angie Cosgrove

Production Manager &
Experiential Specialist


Cheryl Prideaux

Production Manager &
Volunteer Specialist


Cathy Kestler

Senior Director


Tiffany Estell

Production Manager &
Peer-to-Peer Specialist

Paul Rodriguez

Production Manager &
Creative Specialist


Meredith Flick

Production Manager &
Sponsorship Specialist


OP3 also works with more than 50 experienced event staff around the country, our extended Special OPs unit (see what we did there?). This highly trained team ensures that your participants get the best experience at the best cost.

Let's work together.