Our Clients

The Overnight

The Overnight is a 16-20 mile walk at night in 2 new cities each year for 1,000 – 2,000 participants. OP3 handles all production aspects including permitting, vendor management, IT needs as well as all Crew and Volunteer recruitment, training, and on-event deployment. The most valuable impact we have made has been creating a multi-faceted, mission engaging experience.

Most suicides take place at night so participants walk through the night as a show of solidarity with those struggling, they walk out of the darkness to bring suicide prevention and mental health issues into the light. Honor Beads worn by participants are a physical showcase of their connection and people are drawn to others wearing their color. This creates incredible unity, builds community, and starts important conversations that break the stigma of suicide and mental illness.

The Overnight’s powerful storytelling continues through glowing luminaria bags that are personalized to tell the stories of loved ones lost and those still struggling. OP3 also extensively trains our staff on conscious language choice and how to handle any sensitive situations that may arise.This year we’re also adding motivational signage to the last half of the route (where people are most spread out, and can feel most alone) to remind Walkers that the Overnight community is always there to support them.

Be the Match Run + Walk

OP3 handles all permitting, vendor management, event production, event accounting, payment, and budget reconciliation for this national series. At the start of our partnership, Be The Match was interested in support with budget and finance management and creating a consistent event look and feel across the country without breaking the bank.

OP3 has been proud to work with the series and is excited to produce the entire series in 2017. Taking over the budget management and leveraging economies of scale has resulted in significant savings. In 2015 alone, Be The Match Walk+Run events we managed came in a total of 16.5% under budget overall.

AVON 39 The Walk to End Breast Cancer

AVON 39 is a national series of 2-day, 39.3-mile overnight camping walk events for 900 – 3,600 participants in 6-9 major cities across the country annually. OP3 created and launched this series in 2003 and managed all aspects of production, marketing, recruitment, retention, fundraising, and sponsorship activation during our 13-year partnership.

Our ability to plan and execute these high-quality events year after year is a great testament to our capable staff, our ability to continuously improve, and our commitment to both our client and our client’s participants.  In our final season (2015), we also played an integral role in the event overhaul and complete rebrand (including another new website and subsequent relaunch) that successfully revitalized this long-standing series.

Bike MS Waves to Wine

Bike MS Waves to Wine is a 2-day cycling challenge with multiple route options each day from San Francisco to Sonoma for nearly 2,000 riders. OP3 handled all routing, planning, permitting, and event production from 2008 through 2015.

As well as providing the MS Society’s development team with some much-needed support, our work allowed them to focus on fundraising and rider relationships; total fundraising has increased more than 85% since 2008 and rider satisfaction has increased every year for a total increase of 17%.


The inaugural EverWalk was a 135-mile walk from Los Angeles to San Diego in October 2016. We took the client’s vision and created an event blueprint, budget, marketing and recruitment strategy, handled all permitting,  vendor management and customer service. OP3 distilled our client’s vision into action within 3 weeks of our initial conversation.

We started by building a budget that showcased the financial ramification of each event concept option and a timeline of all necessary tasks to make the event a reality.  We then got to work on developing a route, pulling permits in 50+ jurisdictions, building a recruitment plan, mobilizing a marketing team, and creating a website.

The end result was a  high-impact, concierge customer service endurance event for a small group of influencers and motivators. The mission activations creatively celebrated individual milestones and gave the guests a transformative experience along with their very long, stunningly gorgeous walk.

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